GRAPHICGUITARS - Innovative fine art guitar paintings and prints by Paul Chase

The definition...

graph-ic (graf'ik), adj. belonging to painting or drawing, picturesque.

gui-tar (gi-tar'), n. a musical instrument of the lute family, usually with six strings which are plucked or strummed with the fingers or a plectrum.

"Innovative" because...

"Graphicguitars" has been developed to fill a void.   Search the worldwide web and art galleries around the world for fine art guitar paintings and it will be evident that "Graphicguitars" are "uncommon, creative and innovative." The "commanding" size (approximately 4 feet by 3 feet) and dynamic graphic design captures the viewer and the display environment.

Guitar Fine Art


Check out hundreds of original guitar paintings and drawings in the Gallery

 Notice- The GraphicGuitars fine art paper prints are not available at this time! Check back next year! Please email for custom paintings and large canvas prints.




Check out the new Paul Chase website... a history of fine art


Paul Chase visits the studio home of Paul Cullen aka Bad Company bass player and now "Tune your palate" -

"Front Porch Pickn'" Check out the mini video - click here!



The Chicago Guitar Show...2015 - check this 360 view!

"CopperStratJam" - copper covered strat body - sheet copper formed hands - $2500


"ClassicalCopperSongs" - 44" - classical guitar, copper - $2000


"335CopperGuyJam" - Copper Covered 335 Gibson Epiphone and sculptured copper hands and face - $3000

"TinLadyJam" - for your entertainment - by Paul Chase


The KalamazooCopper by Paul Chase makes GuitarMaker magazine this issue!


"CopperGuyStrum" - 24x36" - copper - $3000


"StoneHandBends" - 20" - copper and carved stone - $2000



"CopperJam" 20" - copper - NFS

"tinhandsblues" - antique pewter mannequin hands - watch them perform


"SunburstSoundsRiff" - clay, guitar, wood - $1500  (Click here to see a quick flick of the process)


"FlatBlackBlues" - clay, wood, guitar neck - $500

"SteelHandsSteelGuitar" - watch them rock- click here


Check out "guitar painter" video by WISC - TV for the Morning Inspiration show


"ConcreteGuitar" - 48" - concrete, sheet metal, guitar - NFS



"RockGuitar" - stone covered, copper trim tele body - $1000 -



"KalamazooCopper" - old Kalamazoo archtop remake - by Paul Chase - Copper inlays, pic guard, headstock... $1500

Eric Dahl and Paul Chase on Fox 17 Nashville "Rock & Review" watch the video


"CopperPRSJamn" and "ErectorSetLesPaul" in Nashville at Carter Vintage Guitar


"SketchedGuitarMusic" 44 seconds of guitar sketches and notes



"EasyBends" check out the new video "GrayToneClassics" 



"TwelveStringMerlot" 24x48" acrylic on panel (with actual guitar) - $1000     WATCH VIDEO 

Hot Burning in it!




Watch Paul paint this "BlueConcrete" canvas                    Watch Paul's interview at the Chicago Guitar Show



                     "The 16Foot Guitar" watch how it was built!!!


"SmokinChops" 22x30" watercolor - image for video of GraphicGuitars


"VineyardRedBrickHarvest" 24x48" acrylic on panel - original in private collection -

Watch the "VineyardGuitars" video with music by Paul Cullen 





Watch this headstock created on canvas                    "MusiciansStrat" 30x40" acrylic - original in private collection - prints available

"HeadstockConcert" 10x40"

"PaintedPlayers" 10x40"

"SepiatoneClassics" 10x40"

"Electrics" 10x40"

"Acoustics" 10x40"



"TurquoiseN'Leather" 30x40" acrylic - original in private collection -               "GrammaJamn" -